Welcome to Kryo Comics.

This is my little sanctuary where I cultivate my great passion for drawing, and where I will show some samples of my work.
Which concept is your favorite?

Two in a Bowl

«Two in a Bowl» is a single panel comic about two small fish, one green and one orange, living in a rather limited universe – a goldfish bowl. Despite the limited space, anything can happen as these two happily go about their daily business...


What the head is filled with often finds its way to the drawing board. Here you'll find a varied mix of older and newer cartoons...

From my sketchpad

«From my sketchpad» is exactly what the name implies: Simple as well as more laborate sketches (which are sometimes ajusted), inked and colored, ideas (or bits of ideas), segments of larger drawings / cartoon...

Please note: All cartoons are originally in Norwegian, and all text is translated into English to the best of my ability. If you come across any bad translations, I hope you'll bear with me. Thanks :)